Dawn Taylor Wells 


One humiliating disaster is all it takes...

 Everyone has had the thought, “What is my life really about?”  Though we may fool ourselves into thinking that our lives are fine and the issues we experience are no big deal, it can take just one glaring mistake to make it painfully clear that we are sadly mistaken.  We all want that happy, fulfilling, rewarding life everyone talks about but often we have no clue how to get it!

 Dawn Wells has been there.  At the age of 38, Dawn thought her dream of being a successful person and loving wife was over, and worse, she was convinced it was something beyond her grasp.  After carrying around the emotional baggage from a terribly disappointing childhood for years, she’d given up hope for the happily ever after.  Night after night, party after party, she was left feeling hollow and alone.  Finally, one humbling night out, everything changed.  A run-in with an adversary caught her completely off-guard and from that low point, she found the faith to understand and believe she would never be alone again.

Her story is one of healing the deepest wounds that keep us in emotional bondage and convince us that the ‘good life’ has passed us by.  Throughout life’s twists and turns, joys and defeats, Dawn discovered that faith and hope are her constant companions and that the tools she used to overcome her deepest fears can help others.

Wrong Place at the Right Time is one woman’s journey from a painful existence of fear, loneliness, and rejection to a place of peace, love and redemption.  It’s a story for all who have struggled with the ghosts from their past and want to move forward and create their own version of happily ever after in a real and sustainable way.  

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A New Dawn

 The Transformation of a Life Saved By Grace


Dawn's blog chronicles the ups and downs of life in a vulnerable, and authentic way.  The power of GRACE is truly transforming.  With her writings, Dawn desires to encourage others and inspire them to surrender their lives to Jesus-100%. Follow Dawn on her blog for encouragement, laughter, and insight.  She deeply desires to know God's Truth and deliver that to others as well.


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